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Make Your Own Saga

Our expert artisans craft every Saga Cigars  with you in mind. Every creation is the perfect companion for your choices in life and the way you decide to invest your time.
The Journey is yours, make it your own Saga.

Our Line

Saga Golden Age

A timeless blend of classic tobacco seeds that uses the nobility of  the tobacco to bring you the perfect balance of power and  flavor. 
It narrates better than words  can describe, the history of a family's tradition in tobacco, delivering a cigar much like the ones they use to smoke in the times of Hemingway.

Wrapper: Corojo 2006 
Binder: San Vicente
Filler: Original Cuban seeds grown in the DR. 

Enjoy it in four attractive sizes:

Lancero (7x40)
Corona Gorda (51/2x 46)
Robusto (5x50)
Toro (6x52). 
Packed in an attractive, traditional looking wood-fileted box of 21 cigars ( 3X7)

Blend No7 full white_edited.png

Saga Blend no.7

Saga Blend No 7.jpg

Every new blend borrows from the Past. Blend No 7 did just that as it immediately stood out .

It is the perfect combination of timeless knowledge of traditional tobaccos and the newer balance that today smokers expect and love in a finer cigar.
Saga Blend No 7 is a full flavor-medium body cigar.

Wrapper: Habano Brazil 
Binder: Habano Dominicano 
Filler: Mix of central-american and Dominican tobaccos. 

Enjoy it in three attractive sizes:

Robusto (51/2x 50)
Perfecto (61/4 x 54) 
Toro Gordo (61/2 x 58)

Packed in an attractive, Modern looking wood box of 20 cigars ( 4X5)

Logo Saga Short Tales white_edited.png

Saga short tales


"Many things compose a Saga:  the Legendary stories, the generations long creations, lifetimes spent in search of a graal or simply perfection.
They are the peoples favorites, the better known parts of the legacy.But for many aside of the legends and popular creations, a Saga is as well the small events one enjoys in these special moments that do not come that often.
They are made enjoyable for their peculiar way of quietly marking the memory, for giving to the imagination the opportunity to create .They are not the mainstream Saga, which makes them even more of a rare jewel that one has to enjoy with floating memories and sensations. These are the Short Tales"
The Saga Short tales series is presented in book-like boxes called TOMO (Volume in Spanish). Each TOMO has  a different size, and a very different blend, so that each cigar of the Serie tells a different story.. Give it a try...

TOMO I - Tales of High Primmings
Full Body  - 4 X 58 - 102mm x 23mm
Wrapper: Nicaraguan-Binder: Indonesian-Filler: Dominican and  North American tobacco

TOMO II - Tales of The Land: Cotui
Medium plus Body - 5 X 54 - 127mm x 21 mm
Wrapper: Cotuí-Binder: Indonesian-Filler: Dominican and
North American tobacco

TOMO III - L.I.V. Labor Ipse Voluptas
Medium Body -  42 X 4 ¼ - 108mm X  17mm
Wrapper:  Habano Ecuador-Binder : San Vicente-
Filler: Piloto Cubano Mejorado Viso and Habano Brasil Viso

TOMO IV - L.O.V. Labor Omnia Vincit
Medium Body - 44 X 4 - 102mm X  17.5mm
Wrapper:  Sumatra Ecuador-Binder : San Vicente-
Filler: Piloto Cubano Mejorado Viso and Pensilvania Viso

TOMO V - L.A.V. Laudamus Abundantia Veteres
Medium Body - 34 X 5 - 130mm X  14mm
Wrapper:   Ecuador Claro-Binder : San Vicente-
Filler: Piloto Cubano -Mejorado Viso and Connecticut broadleaf Viso

TOMO VI - The Sixth Element: El Tabaco
Medium plus Body58 X 5 1/2  - 140mm X 23mm
Wrapper:   San Andres-Binder : San Vicente-Filler: Piloto Cubano Mejorado,Nicaragua  and Pensylvania

Saga solaz.png

Saga Solaz


De Los Reyes Cigars introduces another chapter of the Saga: The Saga Solaz.
Solaz is a Spanish word that means Leisure after work, in the spirit of the standing ideal of owning your journey and making your own Saga .The Saga  Solaz  is the perfect companion  to enrich those moments of choice, making them truly yours.
The Saga Solaz carries a blend of Criollo, Olor and Piloto Cubano, wrapped in a selected Ecuador Shade Claro that generously delivers with elegance a surprisingly rich and balanced smoke.

Enjoy it in three attractive sizes:

Robusto (5x 50)
Gordo (6 x 58) 
Churchill (7X48)

Packed in an attractive, Modern looking wood box of 24.

Contact Us
De Los Reyes Cigars
Parque Zona Franca Industrial "El Limonal"
Carretera Duarte Km 5 1/2, Camino  de Limonal 73
51000 Santiago - República Dominicana

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